Air Shows

Stearman 03 is also available to perform in local air shows, flyovers and other events.  The air show routine performed will be a demonstration of the aerobatic capability of a stock Stearman biplane.  Maneuvers typically performed during the show routine are:  Stalls, spins, loops, rolls, hammer head stalls, Cuban – 8, four point roll, slow roll, split – S, wingovers.  The pilot has an aerobatic waiver card to fly the Stearman as low as 250 (Level 2) feet above the ground during the routine, making for a spectacular view of the plane from the spectator area.  Also considering the large size of the Stearman, the great sounding radial engine and the relatively slow speed it maneuvers, this routine is a great crowd pleaser and provides some great contrast to the higher speed, much smaller high intensity aerobatic planes such as the Pitts, Giles, Extra, Cap or the Edge.  A sound track CD will be furnished to the show sound technician along with an information sheet for the announcer.

In addition, rides in the Stearman can also be set up to be sold at the show, further enhancing the show experience for the attending public.  Rides are typically flown prior to and after the air show.  Details for setting up ride sales can be worked out when booking the Stearman for your show.  We have set this up at several shows in the past with great success.

Contact David Brown at 540-219-3259 for details and pricing information for air show bookings.