Stearman #03 is owned and operated by Brown Aviation, LLC of Warrenton, VA.  It is an original aircraft, built by Boeing in 1941 and used by the U.S. Army Air Corps as a pilot training aircraft during WWII.  After the war it was sold as government surplus and was used for many years as a crop duster in the southwestern United States.  It was later restored back to its original military configuration and color scheme from 1941.  The aircraft is currently based at the Warrenton Airport and can be seen regularly flying in the Flying Circus Air Show in Bealeton Virginia every Sunday each year from May through October.

Experience the thrill of open cockpit flying in an authentic Stearman biplane.  The Stearman is truly one of the most classic biplanes and most famous training aircraft of time. 

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Stearman World War II, Training Airplane

Comments below from a fellow pilot about flying a Stearman.

(I loved this comment and had to post it.  Once you fly in the Stearman…you will see what this pilot was feeling.  Dave)

“I recently flew one of these for the first time…. This is the most magical airplane I’ve ever flown.  I have never had as much fun as during those 2 hours I flew the Stearman.  It’s a solid airplane with positive control feel and a wonderfully smooth, snarling radial up front. Its no-nonsense cockpit makes you feel right at home and I found it to be a nice, docile airplane.  This is the airplane I’d own if I could afford it. THIS is a real airplane.  I’m still on cloud 9. I told my wife: “Someday when I die and get to the other side, there will be a field full of pristine Stearmans, lined up, full of fuel and waiting to be flown on balmy summer days.  Anything else just wouldn’t be Celestial Glory.”