Flights in the Stearman or the T6 Texan are available from April through November each season on an appointment basis from the Warrenton Airport near Midland Virginia.  Flights can be scheduled Monday through Saturday. 

The following flights are available and can be tailored to the customer’s desire.  To schedule your flight just click on one of the “Book Now” buttons below and we will respond to you via email to schedule your flight. 

Please note:  Flights listed are for one passenger only.  Our planes can only take one passenger at a time.  Thanks!

Enjoy your special flight experience!

book_it_now30 Minute Barnstormer / Sightseeing Ride – A ride in such a historic and unique aircraft is truly a memorable experience for all ages.  Feel the wind in your face and take in the exciting view from the air just like the Barnstorming pilots of the 1930’s.  The pilot will keep it smooth and steady for those passengers who just want to take in the sights, or will make it a bit more exiting with some steep turns and wing overs for those who are a bit more daring!  You choose!  $225

book_it_now30 Minute “You Fly It” Instructional Flight – Take to the skies with your personal certified flight instructor and try your hand at flying the Stearman, just like the Army Air Corps cadets did during the early 1940’s.  You will have a chance during this flight to operate the controls and maneuver the airplane.  Two-way communication is available on all flights so the pilot can talk you through various flight maneuvers.  Totally based on your experience and skill level with no previous flight or pilot training required.  It is all about you and having fun seeing what it is like to fly this historic plane.  If you have a flight logbook, the instructor will make an official entry in your book after the flight to document the experience.  $250

Brown Aviation Stearman 03

book_it_now30 Minute Aerobatic Ride – This is the thrill ride for those more daring passengers who want to experience what it is like to zoom through the sky while diving and climbing, rolling and looping in the Stearman.  Just like the aerial dog fights from WWI and WWII.  For this flight you will don a safety parachute and be properly briefed before being securely strapped into the seat.  After climbing to a safe altitude, your pilot will usually begin by demonstrating a barrel roll just to get you oriented to aerobatics,  Then he will take you through several other maneuvers one by one while explaining each maneuver in between.  Some of the maneuvers you can expect to do are rolls, loops, Cuban 8, hammer head stall, split – S, spins and wing overs.  As time permits, additional maneuvers can be performed.  If you like the pilot can even combine maneuvers and link them together for an exciting finale.  Again, the ride is all about the customer having a good time, so the flight routine can be modified in intensity level up or down to suit the customer’s desires.  Whether you choose to do more aerobatics or less is your choice.  The view is spectacular from a biplane at 3000 feet so don’t pass up this opportunity of a lifetime!  $325 (check out the video page for a sample of the aerobatic flight!)

Stearman 03 aerobatics - the ultimate thrill ride Stearman 03 Acro 2 - Copy Stearman 03 Acro 1 - Copy

book_it_nowOne Hour Sightseeing Flight – For those customers who wish to fly longer, the plane is available in 1 hour or more intervals and flights can be tailored as you desire.  Take in the sights around the local area while your pilot narrates the flight.   Or take the controls and try your hand at flying the Stearman, it is up to you.   $395 per hour

book_it_nowThe “Ultimate” Barnstormer – 1 Hour:   For the thrill seeker who wants to experience all of the above flights in one, this is your flight!  This experience is a full hour of open cockpit biplane fun which includes sightseeing and aerobatics.  You decide what you want, it is up to you.  You can also take the controls for some hands on flying if you choose.  This flight allows you to explore and try it all in one package.   $450

Brown Aviation Stearman 03    Stearman 03 acro

NEW!!!!  –  Warbird Flights!

T-6 Texan Orientation Flights

Book Now, T-6 TexanYou can fly the Texan!  Schedule a flight in our expertly restored 1943 T-6 Texan and you will have the flight experience of a lifetime.  During the flight you get to take the controls of this historic WWII advanced trainer and enjoy your own personalized flight training experience.  Each flight is customized based on your input and experience.  Your flight instructor will explain and demonstrate the operation of the aircraft and guide you through various maneuvers at your pace.  Each flight will also include aerobatics if requested.  Soaring above the beautiful Northern Virginia landscape you will be able to experience what it was like flying a fighter during WWII.  Upon completion of your flight you will receive documentation from your instructor of your flight training.  Bring your pilot logbook if you have one or we can furnish a complimentary flight record.

Choose your flight!

30 Minute Training Sortie                       $450

45 Minute extended Training Sortie        $650

60 Minute full length Training Sortie      $850

You may also call or email David Brown to book your ride or to answer any questions you may have:

phone:  540-219-3259

If you call and I don’t answer right away, I am probably flying!  Just leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I can.  Or just send me an email.  Thanks!!


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